On the last Monday of

each month, we run 'Freddie's

Fibre Club' from 6.30pm

until 8pm at South Hill

Parish Hall.



The lovely quality about fibre craft is that it is suitable for everyone to enjoy. However, if a child isn't able to visit us in the hut or at Freddie's Fibre Club, we have put together wet felting and weaving kits containing all the materials needed along with full written and photographic instructions which can be sent to you. Please contact us if you would like to purchase one, they are £5. 


* Different fibre craft each month

* Plenty of parking

* Hearing loop

* Wheelchair access​​

My name is Julia Squires and I run Freddie's Fibre Friends along with my husband, Richard and two wonderful volunteers.

Our story began during the first lockdown of 2020 when my husband and I built a shepherd's hut up in the field of our smallholding and decided to use it provide a retreat away from the hectic world we live in, giving children the opportunity to 'leave the chaos at the gate' and enjoy some peace and quiet.  Combining my passion as a wool crafter with the rich experience I gained working as a 1:1 Special Needs Teaching Assistant at a local primary school, Freddie's Fibre Friends was created.  

Freddie was a little lamb who came to live with us in 2019 and had many needs. We all adored him and his life was a happy, albeit short one here. He touched everyone's heart who met him, so naming our project after him was an easy decision.

During my time as a Teaching Assistant, I discovered that children enjoy working with fibre.  It is a wonderfully sensory experience, can be tailored to an individuals needs and used in so many different ways to provide a wide range of benefits. This is due to the textures of different fibres, the colours and potential for self expression when deciding how to use them, the social connection with others and also the pure fun of it! The bonus is at the end of an enjoyable craft session, each child has a unique woolly work of art that they can be incredibly proud of.